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WeDo provides import and export services for goods to and from all countries of the world. WeDo is distinguished by providing the best, cheapest and fastest import and export services in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE enjoys one of the most diversified economic environments in the world, as the country was awarded the title of “Best Places in the World to Do Business”. Throughout the history of the Emirates, trade has played a fundamental role in supporting the economy, and for more than two decades the country has maintained its position as a center for trade in the region. Besides oil and natural gas, the region is known for its thriving trade in automobiles, aluminum, gold and diamonds. With the population increasing, the international demand for import and export has doubled in the past few years as well

Import and Export

Import and export is one of the operations in which goods and services are purchased from a foreign country, to sell them in the local markets, while export is the supply of local goods to the foreign market, and the importance of each of them lies in increasing job opportunities, improving the level of markets, and improving the economy.

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