Sea Freight

Sea Freight

The full range of ocean freight services includes full container loads (FCL), less-than-container loads (LCL), and non-containerized loads for oversized shipments. All ocean routing is directed through our experienced network of core and preferred carriers, affording the multiple advantages of the smoothest possible delivery efficiency using optimal connections, market competitive rates, and protection of capacity during peak times, all of which are appreciated by our long standing customers.

In Dubai, online processing of customs declarations and port handling charges, directly via the web portal of Dubai Trade, ensures seamless and fast customs clearance processing.

Thanks to new technologies and the development of ocean hubs, transportation through sea has become more efficient, less time-consuming and more cost-effective, At Wedo logistics FZCO, your cargo is professionally handled. With our dedicated customer service, advanced documentation, tracking, and data warehousing, we ensure the successful processing of your shipment in terms of quality and timeliness. Our worldwide logistics services cover not only shipments from port to port, but also the complete door-to-door transportation chain from initial to final destination, The sea-freight professionals work in close cooperation with the customers to provide tailor-made services considering customers’ requirements on time, frequency and rates

Shipping systems:

Total freight (full container load):

This system is suitable for customers who wish to ship large quantities of goods, as all the customer’s goods are shipped in a full container designated for his shipments only, and this system is the best and fastest shipping system among other shipping systems.

Partial Shipping (Small Combined Loads):

This system includes shipping the customer’s goods in a part of the container or container, where the container includes shipments and other goods that are collected from several customers to reduce and distribute shipping costs and expenses, but sometimes some special expenses in this type of shipping in the country of arrival are relatively higher than Total freight.

The most prominent advantages offered by Wedo Company in sea freight:

  • Wide network of shipping agents in most ports of Arab countries, African countries and European Union countries.
  • Car shipping services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to all cities and ports of the world.
  • Possibility to complete all required procedures and permits when shipping and exporting goods, projects, furniture and cars.
  • Facilitate shipping and export operations through Jebel Ali Port and Dubai Free Zones.
  • Provide a fleet of trucks specially equipped to transport containers to and from the port of cargo to ensure you to transport goods quickly and safely in addition to providing the necessary means to transport projects and heavy equipment.
  • Wedo logistics FZCO has the strength to develop competitive shipping solutions and provide unparalleled services to your trust.
  • Wedo logistics FZCO offers temporary storage services for your shipments in our warehouses with the possibility of redistribution and shipment to your destination wherever they are to various ports and cities of the world.
  • Wedo logistics FZCO offers professional packaging and packaging services using high quality materials to ensure safe access to your shipments.
  • Skill in choosing the best shipping lines and cruises suitable for the types of materials shipped so as to ensure the delivery of these shipments in a manner that ensures their safety until reaching the desired destination.
  • Dealing with regular shipping lines, which are characterized by the work of specific and regular routes and the quality of excellent vessels and good condition, which makes competition in this area based on the quality of service.
  • Customs clearance for all types of shipments and goods as well as cars for shipments coming to the UAE.
  • Provide containers of different sizes and types to suit the size, type and nature of the shipments, which ensures that the shipments are not damaged or broken during shipping with arranged inside the containers accurately and orderly.
  • The possibility of using the company's warehouses by customers in order to facilitate the processes of collection of shipments or recharging and distribution or packaging as needed.
  • Long experience in managing transit operations for shipments coming from Asia and Europe.

Types of sea containers:

  • 20 feet containers
    Their total tonnage is approximately 30 cubic meters Dimensions: 6 m length x 2.25 m width x 2.25 m height The maximum length used is only 5.80 meters Maximum loading weight within this container is 18 tons
  • 40 feet containers
    Its total load is about 60 cubic meters Its systemic dimensions are 12 meters long x 2.25 meters wide x 2.25 meters high The maximum length used is only 11.80 meters where 20 cm remains to open and close the door The maximum loading weight within this container is 22 tonnes.
  • HQ 40 feet container
    It is a grainy type of angle where it accommodates excess sizes Its systemic dimensions are 12 meters long x 2.25 meters wide x 2.69 meters high The volume of load inside is up to 68 cubic meters and its maximum load is 22 tons
  • OT container (open roof)
    It is an open top container used for shipments that cannot be loaded through the container door Or high loads that cannot be contained within the corners of the previous types, and are available in two sizes 20 ”or 40” feet
  • 20 feet refrigerated container
    It is a container for the transport of goods and perishable materials that need special temperatures. The temperature inside the container can be controlled according to
  • 40 feet refrigerated container
    It is a container designated for transporting perishable goods and materials that require special temperatures.
    Temperatures inside the container can be controlled upon request.
    Its total payload is about 60 cubic metres.
    Its dimensions are 12m long x 2.25m wide x 2.25m high
    The maximum length used is only 11.80 meters.
    The maximum weight that can be loaded into this container is 22 tons

Also available:

40ft foldable flat container,
20ft flat folding container,
40 feet platform container,
20ft platform container,

They are containers for projects, machines and abnormal loads.

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