Air Freight

Air Freight

Wedo logistics FZCO is ideally placed to handle your air freight shipments, both import and export, due to our prime location in Dubai. A large number of airlines operate flights to and from Dubai, which means there is always a great range of services available for you to choose for your products, however, the quality, cost, and speed of service can vary greatly between carriers. Having an experienced and knowledgeable partner in Dubai, like us, will help you get the most efficient service to suit your needs. We at Wedo logistics FZCO as one of the air cargo companies in Dubai are available at all times to advise and offer a multitude of air cargo services, and our carefully negotiated standing agreements with several carriers will help you obtain the best prices.

Wedo logistics FZCO global air freight capability delivers cargo to all cities, countries and continents. Global partnerships with major air carriers give customers priority access to competitive rates and space allocations.
Collection at origin, customs clearance and delivery to consignee are monitored via our global tracking system, Wedo logistics FZCO, giving complete visibility throughout the movement.

Our value proposition is to present creative, effective, and rapidly tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs. A dedicated point of contact will propose the most efficient routing options that require the least handling from origin dock to door and the right cost-time balance to support your business goals.
Air cargo export services in all the sectors across the world including offline sectors with minimum transit time, facilitated through our offices and partnerships in several locations and our agreements with some of the leading carriers

Constant follow-up with the airlines to ensure timely departure, arrival

We can address any challenges you have with transporting your freight by providing innovative ideas and the means to develop and implement solutions to get the job done.

Our tracking systems and proactive approach to customer service provides you with timely updates about the status of your freight. These systems also provide Air Freight customer service teams the tools to keep your shipment on schedule and to provide real time communications with you, the customer.

WE offer hundreds of scheduled consolidations and direct services to even the most remote airports around the globe from numerous gateways. We offer a full range of origin and destination points with competitive pricing based on allocated or block-space agreements. Our consolidations are more than airport to airport including, arranging collect shipments, door delivery or simply turning over documents to your agent. When freight needs to move on its own, we have many options to accommodate your needs with ease and we can consign your airway bill directly to your agent or customer

We are proud to be able to bring added value to the logistics operating chain and, through that, to create strong growth opportunities with customers and partners Our advanced technology and network of offices around the world allow advanced tracking of your shipments, from the moment you place your shipping order to when it reaches its final destination.


  • Providing door-to-door shipping solutions or door-to-airport shipping services with the ability to choose the right price.
  • Daily flights to all airports and cities in the world to suit your desires.
  • Extensive experience in refrigerated air freight operations and air transit operations.
  • Completion of most of the necessary documents from customs and permission to export or import.
  • Providing packaging service for shipments, whatever they may be.
  • Choosing the appropriate airlines to transport goods and special shipments in the shortest time.
  • Providing insurance service for air shipments, according to customer requirements.
  • Always striving to achieve your requirements by reducing time and the lowest costs.
  • Facilitate the air freight process to meet customer requirements.
  • The possibility of shopping freely without worrying about the extra weight when traveling. We can receive your shipments from any area in Dubai, the Emirates, and the world and deliver them to your desired destination.
  • Always striving to achieve the goal of customers by saving time and maintaining shipments at the lowest costs.
  • Working to achieve our goal of quality service and gaining customer trust.
  • Providing the best excess freight delivery services for travelers to and from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
  • A professional and specialized team to provide services around the clock.

Additional features

We offer complete documentation and insurance services, customs clearance, warehousing space, and additional transportation

  • Full closer and insurance services
  • customs clearance.
  • storage space.
  • Ensure safe delivery of our goods.
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