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WeDo provides freight services and transportation of goods from one place to another and from one country to another, either by sea freight through ports by ships, air freight through airports by planes, or land freight by trucks. WeDo is distinguished by providing the best, cheapest and fastest shipping services in the United Arab Emirates, whether air, land or sea, and is keen to provide the latest services to ensure the protection of the shipment or goods from its receipt until its arrival at the required place.

Air Freight

With WeDo, you can send the goods by air, usually the same as the regular airlines, with a specialized department for shipping, either in a special airline or in the same passenger airline or air mail. Air, such as meat, is characterized by high cost, and therefore it must be taken into account that the exported goods are of high value, so that the shipping cost becomes small in relation to the total price of the shipment, or the quantity of the goods is large, so that there is a reduction in the shipping price for the total quantity. Air mail is also used in shipping, either through companies Specialized such as DHL, but the cost is higher than flying, so it is used in the case of high-priced and small-weight goods such as mobile phones, or in the case of shipping a sample due to the high speed in the arrival of the goods to the importer. As for flying, it reaches the airport, and the gold importer has to go to the airport to receive his goods.

Sea freight

Through WeDo, you can send the goods by sea through ship companies specialized in shipping, either for the transport of containers only, or for the transport of goods of a special nature that are difficult to ship in containers such as iron and wood. It consists of two parts:

– Shipping in containers: the container is an iron room with a specific and known area, and the goods can be stacked inside it to save the goods and transport them through specialized ships to transport containers. The number of containers transported may reach 2000 containers. Containers are divided into a 20-foot container whose length is 20 feet (about 6 meters) with a certain width (within 2.5 meters) and a certain height (within 2.6 meters), and a 40-foot container with a length of 40 feet (about 12 meters) with a certain width (within 2.5 meters) and a specific height of (2.6 meters), which is twice the area of the 20-foot container, and the HIGH CUBEHQ container is the same length of 40 feet and the same width with a difference in height (within 3 meters), and the OPEN END container is 40 feet long with the same width and differs that the roof is open It is used in the case of goods that have different heights, such as some machines, as it is difficult to place them in a limited ceiling.

– Shipping in full ships: The ship has a certain weight that can carry, and the ships start from small ships carrying about 1000 tons only to giant ships carrying 80 thousand tons. Goods that are shipped in large quantities, such as cement and sugar, which may be carried in containers, but the price of the shipment will rise in that case very much, which will be a major obstacle to the success of the deal. For example, the price of FOB cement in Canada is $ 40 if we want to ship cement from Canada to Spain. The average price of a container is 40 feet 1000 $ And the container accommodates 20 tons at most, that is, the shipping price is $ 50 per ton, while if it is transported by ship, it is about $ 16-17 per ton. There are GENERAL CARGO ships that can carry containers, but the average does not exceed 20 containers.

Land shipping

Transportation is through trucks or trailer cars, and it may be loaded with a container or carrier of goods on the back of the car, which is like internal freight, but the mechanism of customs procedures and the customs committee that examines the goods is added. Land freight is used in transport to neighboring countries, and land freight is distinguished in many cases at a lower price than sea freight. Air freight, where the internal freight item is provided in the case of domestic freight and in the case of sea and air freight from the place of the factory or merchant to the airport or port, and more than one shipping method can be used for one shipment, such as sea transport and then land transport, for example shipping to Austria, which is a landlocked country ( There is no sea in it) Shipping is done by ship to Italy, then the goods are shipped by car from Italy to Austria.

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