Customs clearance

Customs clearance

WeDo provides customs clearance services for goods from ports and airports. We Do is characterized by providing the best, cheapest and fastest customs clearance services in the United Arab Emirates, facilitating customs procedures and finding customs exemptions.

Customs clearance

It is known that different countries have outlets for entry of goods, whether air, sea or land ports, and in them goods entering these countries are examined and fees called customs duties are imposed on them, and they are imposed on all goods and shipments except for certain exceptions according to circumstances. The owner of the goods or their agent needs to conduct the customs clearance process, which means submitting the required documents to facilitate import and export, and the owner or his agent is responsible for the goods during examination and evaluation, payment of fees and receipt after the completion of the process. And all shipments, whether import or export, need to fulfill the customs clearance procedures of each country. Customs clearance is an administrative procedure required to allow the entry or exit of certain goods to and from different countries, and it must be done by an authorized customs broker, and this includes disclosing information related to the imported or exported shipment, as well as the parties involved in the process.

The information you need to provide for customs clearance

There is some information that you need to complete the customs clearance operations, which are:

  • Tax information for the importer or exporter
  • Origin and destination of import or export.
  • Company name, country and means of transportation.
  • Gross and net weight and description of the goods.
  •  Payment of taxes due.

Documents required for customs clearance

There are some documents that you provide to complete customs clearance operations, which are:

  •  Bill
  • packing statement
  • Certificate of Origin
  • bill of lading
  • Authorization to clear shipments
  • A health certificate for foodstuffs and others according to the types of shipments
  • Approvals and prior permit requests in the importing country for some special materials

For commercial shipments, the importing company must be registered with the Tax Authority as well as with the Customs Authority.

Responsible for customs clearance

The party responsible for carrying out the customs clearance process is known as the customs agent or customs broker. He represents the importer or exporter, deals with the customs authorities, and is responsible for communicating customs information or notifications from the customs office to his client. He is also responsible for paying taxes and fees on behalf of the importer or exporter. We at WeDo provide customs clearance service, as we have a team specialized in performing customs duties and highly skilled. Customs clearance may include paying taxes and fees, depending on the type of goods and the country of origin.

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